The return of the lions! 

Eight lions, which once protected our hotel from the roof, will be returned to their former places. They mysteriously disappeared without a trace over the course of time. The return of the protective lions marks the final phase of our restoration of the facade and roof, which has taken a year to complete.

Protective lions
In order to restore the 150-year-old hotel to its former historic glory, documents of the Amsterdam City Archives were thoroughly studied. One interesting detail stood out; eight lion statues, which crowned the corners of the iconic landmark, had mysteriously disappeared. The decision was made to return the hotel to its original state, using original materials wherever possible. Marking the final phase of our restoration, the Amstel Lions are placed back on the roof and the Amstel Hotel is again ready for its future generations.

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A great deal of in-depth research was conducted for months however, the hotel could not collect prove as to whether the lions still excisted. We therefore decided, in consultation with the architect, to produce the lions again from scratch, using traditional methods. A replica of the lions, found on the Biljoen castle grounds, served as a model for this purpose. The lions are 1.60 meters in height and have a coat of arms clasped in their front paws.

Sammy and Friendly
We asked the help of all local children up to the age of 12 to decide on a name for our Amstel Lion. Since we have two different lions, we have chosen two winning names. Mick Ramler (7), our boy from next door, came up with the wonderful name 'Sammy'. The name refers to the founder of our hotel Samuel Sarphati, as well as to one of his stuffed animals. Mara (7) plays at Stichting Only Friends, which is one of the organizations that our hotel supports. Only Friends is a sportclub for young people with a physical or mental disability or a chronic illness. They offer a varied range of different sports for these children. Mara came up with the beautiful name 'Friendly', named after the lion mascot of Only Friends. Mara: "Friendly is English for "vriendelijk", which is what the Amstel Hotel is towards its guests". Thank you Mick and Mara for your creativity, we look forward to welcoming you for your special VIP package!

We would like to thank all the kids for their amazing effort in finding a name for our Amstel Lions! 

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