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Green Engage: Sustainable Luxury

It's good to know while you enjoy the height of luxury, we're committed to sustainability.
At InterContinental Hotels & Resorts we have implemented an innovative online system – Green Engage® - which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment: from selecting suitable building sites to energy efficient lighting. In practical terms, our initiatives have helped our hotels and resorts reduce their energy consumption by up to 25%.

Green Globe Certified

Green Globe is the global certification for sustainable tourism. Members save energy and water resources, reduce operational costs, positively contribute to local communities and their environment. Members also enjoy promotion of their businesses to the worldwide market of leisure & corporate travellers as well as meeting planners all looking for sustainable travel options. You can see our latest Green Globe Certification here. For the 5th time in a row we have been awarded with this global certification and now we can proudly announce that we have received the GOLD status. Please click here to view our GOLD status certificate.

Guest engagement

Guests can help us protect the environment. Every day hotels around the world wash towels, very often unnecessarily. This not only wastes a considerable amount of water, but also pollutes our rivers and seas with detergents. Please help us to preserve our beautiful planet. If guests wish to cooperate, we kindly ask them to hang up any towels that they wish to re-use.

Energy conservation

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam has taken the following steps to make sure the energy and rational practices are done.

  • Changing in room lighting to energy effective L.E.D. lights
  • 100% use of induction equipment in the kitchen instead of gas
  • Use of an energy saving building management system for air treatment throughout the building, called P.R.I.V.A
  • Double windows
  • Draft strips and draft curtains
  • Televisions to be changed to more eco-friendly versions
  • New ironing machine, saving electricity consumption
  • Energy A-label washing machines
  • Towel and linen system, where guests can decide when they want to have these replaced


  • Availability of green transportation options (e.g. bicycles, electric taxi, electric boats and Tesla taxi)
  • Sustainable generation of bleach for the swimming pool (electrolysis)
  • Sustainable power cabinets (the offices use a power cabinet that shuts down all sub-devices when shutting down the computer)
  • Water management: The quality of water is guaranteed by a daily disinfection and control routine.
  • Waste is being compressed where possible before it is collected. (Waste compactors)
  • Chemicals are stored in a safe way in a separate secured store.


  • Waste separation in more than 8 different ways
  • Conversion of waste into sustainable energy by ICOVA
  • Re-use of office paper (double-sided printings)
  • Reduction of paper use, as invoices, personnel documentation and newspapers are transformed to digital versions
  • Adjustable taps in guest rooms for taps and showers (min/max controllers)

Click here to read our Corporate Social Responsibility statement.


Since the amount of bees is decreasing, the Beelease foundation provides businesses the opportunity to support the bees in a professional, responsible and direct way. InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam is proud to share that the hotel is also having a bee hive and is contributing in sustaining the bees of Amsterdam.

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